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Your reliable partner for translating & writing engaging texts

I specialise in translating texts that deal with the visual and performing arts, art theory, philosophy, cultural studies, gender and queer studies, as well as film scripts and subtitles. I also handle texts for all media, as well as project proposals, applications for grants and stipends.

Writing & Editing
A submission deadline is looming and you are short on time for writing your text. Or, perhaps you have other pressing things to do than typing away in front of a screen? Tell me your idea, your gut feeling of what it is that you want or need to say, and I will do the writing, drafting the text until you are completely satisfied.

Research & Content Writing
You are working on a piece, a project proposal, and all sorts of wonderful ideas are swirling in your head. You have managed to get most of your ideas down on paper, but now you want to make everything as clear as possible, substantiating your points with fitting quotes and references to cutting-edge research.

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  • As a translator I have no right to use the text confronting me as an object with which I may take liberties. It is not there for me to play with or manipulate. I am not to use it as a point of departure or as anything else. It is the voice of a person that needs me. I am there to help him speak.

    Walter Kaufman, Introduction to I and Thou by Martin Buber

  • "Je tiens absolument à cette virgule" - ["I absolutely insist on this comma."] - Baudelaire's autographical note on the galley of 'Les Fleurs du Mal'